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In 1996, in the basement of their townhouse, Marv & Jan Brubaker started SawDust Treasures.  All of their items were hand-cut and painted.  As the business grew and they began doing more and more craft shows, the Brubaker's soon realized they could not continue to make all the products themselves.  They looked for items that meshed well with the things they already sold and were reasonably priced.  Upon looking for new items, they also decided to add inspirational pieces.


In May 2009, the business became Brushstrokes and Blessings which includes the inspirational theme.  Jan felt that the name would best describe both their hand-painted crafts and inspirational pieces.  Although they continue to make many of their own products the retail lines include Stephan Baby, Park Designs, Boston Warehouse and various others.


Their top-selling line has been and remains Blossom Bucket resins.  Blossom Bucket products range from seasonal to animals to inspirational to a wide array of Christmas ornaments, all of which the Brubaker's carry.

Brushstrokes &




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Brushstrokes & Blessings

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